1. The party arrived at the volcanic mountain chain where Percival trains.
    “Halt! Who goes there? Who are you leading my friends there? What is your name, who is your master?”
    “I am Tiberius, rightful ruler to this land, and I have no master, except destiny”
    “(sigh) very well Tiberius, o knight of destiny. I will stop you now and free my friends”
    “heh, good luck with that! He has 4 dragon scales”
    “Sophitia, not now, let’s focus on the fight at hand”
    The fight of magic and swordsmanship lasted hours until Percival collapsed in defeat.
    “you beat be…”
    “yes I did, come on, hand em over”
    Percival handed over the scales giving Tiberius all 7 scales.
    “come Percival, we have an enemy to defeat”
    “yes, we do…”

    2 years ago
  2. Octavius was mad! The only knight he had left to Ty and defeat Tiberius was Percival and he was predicted to loose since Tiberius had 4/7 dragon scales. Octavius ordered the prepping of his battle mech, surely he could not be beaten in his high tech battle suit. There was no way, or so he thought. Tiberius was favored in combat by Britta, she began practicing dark magic, feeding on Octavius’s emotions and she grew stronger by the second. After Tiberius beats Octavius, she should crush him. Tiberius was more than ready, his knights were ready to fight with him, each with a sacred sword of power. They now had to face Sir Percival.

    2 years ago
  3. Tiberius now had two dragon scales and he was heading towards the old subway station where he was told Gallahad was waiting for him. Gallahad had two dragon scales as well, so the battle would come down to skill. Tiberius also had his magic sword Sophitia, he had an edge. Sure enough he beat Gallahad and now had 4/7 dragon scales. Percival was left and he was the best of the knights. Tiberius had to beat him, or he would never liberate his kingdom. Sophitia also was seeming more familiar to him as well…

    2 years ago
  4. Britta was often away from Octavius, even though they were married, she still had her own plans. She knew of Octavius’s weakness and knew that Tiberius could easily defeat him. So she began working with dark magic to allow her to activate a “dark” forme. She predicted that then she could beat Tiberius and rule with an iron fist. She however wasnt counting on the dragon scales.

    2 years ago
  5. Gawain was not hard to find, he was near what was the sewer treatment plant before the time mix. He also had one dragon scale but boasted of Gallahad’s two and Percival’s three scales. But since each combatant had one scale is would come down to skill. Tiberius was well more trained than Gawain was and due to Sophitia’s slight magical edge, the fight ended quickly. Tiberius now had two dragon scales and two loyal knights by his side, who both were seemingly familiar to him. As well as Sophitia’s voice.

    2 years ago
  6. The battle was long but Tiberius was victorious in the end. The dragon scale was surrendered and Lancelot began to serve Tiberius as sophitia had said. They set out to find sir Gawain, another possessor of one of the dragon scales. If Tiberius could find them all, he could be invincible against Octavius. Octavius however heard of lancelot’s defeat, and dispatched Gallahad and Percival to stop him. Those two were his best knights.

    2 years ago
  7. "Halt! Who dares trespass on King Octavius’s tax center’s land?"
    “Who are you sit knight, for I am the true king Tiberius”
    “hah! You are a traitor if anything! I shall smite thee now with the power of my dragon scale!”
    “what’s a dragon scale?”
    “Tiberius, it’s sophitia, that’s sir Lancelot, and a dragon scale is a gem that holds unbelievable power, there are 7 in total. If you beat any knight, he also has to serve you until you die.”
    “really, have at thee Lancelot!”

    2 years ago
  8. Tiberius had awoken in a small village, where the great capital city once was. However upon standing up, he stepped on something. “ow” it said. “what the?” it was a sword, about three and a half feet in length. “I am Sophitia, enemy to Octavius, until he locked me in this sword, can you free me?” “I’ll see what I can do. We have to beat Octavius first.” the two set off to try to find suitable training grounds to get used to each other.

    2 years ago
  9. The new story(since the old one was drawn out)

    The year is 3000, earth is ruled by one family, soon to me one couple as Sir Tiberius is about to be crowned king of earth. However just before the crown is on his head, his old rival, Octavius, bursts into the palace with an army or knights, some mechanical. He then attacked Tiberius and took the crown. Then the queen to be, supports Octavius and they through Tiberius to the city below. Octavius pulls a lever in his machine, and the world goes half back in time. The culture of medieval Europe with the technology of the future. This is the Dragon Blade story.

    2 years ago
  10. Breaking through the blockade was the easy part, but trying to slip to Shelderon undetected was the largest part of the mission. The small force had to retreat to a neutral zone 5 times before success of getting to the planet. Once the larger invasion could get there it was an all out war. All for one and one for the royalty of their respective planets. Wolfadon vs Shelderon. It was large, epic, and chaotic. Little battle organization, back and forth battles, and even treachery made the war difficult for both sides. This was no easy war, which made it the next galactic war by default.

    2 years ago